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Benefit from open dialogue

The power of many small contributions, building together something impactful.

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We enable information sharing, making it accessible to all contributors. Adding comments statement by statement, at any time and any place, results in a piece of information totally compact.

Optionally in a company, when publishing open documents, narrative and storytelling techniques highlight the variety of stories that present themselves across a range of situations. The analysis of the stories explains the culture in its whole richness. We stimulate discussions and manage the stream of comments to build sense-making stories.
The approach follows three pathways.

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Distributing information from the author

A statement is published

Distributing leadership from contributors

The community is free to comment

Distributing knowledge all over the network

Results are automatically shared

Ask us how can we help to stimulate and share knowledge on your organisation by publishing stories. Understanding each other to better work together, managing diversity and multiculturalism, solving conflicts, integrating cultures. There are a lot of application for narrative.

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